Fix, Seal, and Adhere Your Weak or Damaged Things with Sugru

Need something repaired or patched up? Well, superglue is too stiff, silly putty is too weak, and tape is just messy. What you need is Sugru.
Sugru is a simple bonding solution that dries over night into a rubber-like substance. It starts off as putty, but unlike similar products, it doesn’t dry hard and crusty.

Its weight capacity and durability makes it perfect for any job. You can repair splits and cracks, re-attach separated pieces, or mould special coverings for your fragile devices and other items.
Sugru is also designed to standup to the elements, so it’s great for extreme heat or pouring rain. That means you can use it in your home appliances, like dryers, dishwashers, or ovens!

Even if you don’t need something fixed, it’s great for securing or reinforcing almost anything! You can mould a new handle for that stiff faucet or that that rusty switch that always cuts you.


Sugru is incredibly llightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it throwing off the balance of your item.


Over time, Sugru will maintain its rubbery texture. There’s no need to worry about splitting, drying, or cracking!


Sugru comes in a wide variety of colors, or just plain black and white if that’s what you’d prefer!


Sugru is available on Amazon starting at $20.64 for an 8-pack!


Check it out in the video below!

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