Fill an Army’s Worth of Water Balloons in a Matter of Seconds

There are few summertime joys that compare with the sensation of blasting your best friend square in the face with a water balloon. Unlike a standard gun, however, you’re pretty much doomed if you run out of ammo. It can take for ever to refill and reload, and while you do so you’re basically a sitting duck for any unfriendly fire.
Well, Bunch O Balloons has you covered. With BOB, you can hook up a bunch of balloons to your hose and fill them in an instant. It’s so fast, you can fill one hundred balloons in a single minute! They even tie themselves!

Each pack of BOB comes with 100 balloons. Best of all, you can refill your BOB with any brand of standard water balloons!



The Bunch O Ballons can be yours for only $9.49 through Amazon.


Check out the Bunch O Balloons below!

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