FieldCandy – Creative And Unexpected Tent Designs

When you go camping this Summer don’t just sleep in a tent, sleep in a tent that shows off your appreciation for art. Field Candy is a real cool company from England who has collected work from 25 talented designers and is showcasing it on camping tents. Several have been shown at galleries around the world, sold in charity auctions, and held in private collections. So by purchasing one of these you know that you are acquiring a unique piece of art that is both practical and rare.

But besides being nice to look at, these 2-person tents are quality in make from pole to peg and perform to the same standard of an expedition tent. The outer flysheet is 100% waterproof, UV fade resistant, fire retardant and the cotton interior insures no annoying condensation will build on the inside. All materials are responsibly sourced and high specification to withstand extreme weather conditions.

What a Melon$655

Get a Room$655

Picnic Perfect$655

Cheese Please$655

Animal Farm$655

Wish You Were Here$655

Fully Booked$655


Out of a Suitcase$655

Don’t be a Leopard$655

Bricks and Mortar$655

Field Monsters$655

By the Light of the Fire$655


The Grass is Always Greener$655

Big Top$655

10,000,000 Fireflies$655

Circuit Board – N/A

Strawberry Surprise – N/A

Sweet Dreams – N/A

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