Estream Charges Your Phone with the Power of H2O

Face it: no matter how much you love nature and being outdoorsy, it’s getting harder and harder to cut ourselves off from day-to-day life. Sometimes, even while we’re entranced by the humble beauty of mother nature and her majesty, we still need to charge our phones or tablets.

Well, now we have Estream. Estream is a portable, compact electricity generator that works anywhere where water flows. Just pop off the cap, drop Estream in the water, and soon you’ll have a stored battery charge.


Modern consumer electronics use less power than a kitchen appliance, so they don’t need a big powerful generator to get them going. Estream generates sufficient power to charge your phone by harnessing the power of water from brooks, streams, and rivers. The water flows over the turbines, spinning them and building a charge that the Estream then stores for later use. Pro tip: you can double the effectiveness of your Estream by putting your phone in airplane mode.


Stuck in a power outage? Run the bath tub and stick your Estream under the tap. Now you’ve got your phone to keep you company while you wait for the power to come back on!


You can even use it as a lantern in the dark with four distinct modes: SOS, strobe, high light, and low light.


The Estream can be yours for $180 through Kickstarter. Check it out below!

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Estream: Portable Water Power Generator