Dry Misting Fan

Cool down to a nice refreshing breeze of mist this summer with the Velos 16″ Misting Fan by Auramist. It is capable of reducing the outdoor temperature by up to 30°F – making your patio as comfortable as an air-conditioned indoor room. This cooling fan produces a mist so fine, it’s dry to the touch. The water will evaporate almost instantly, so it won’t dampen your skin, hair, or clothes. Connect it to any standard garden hose and it will spray up to half a gallon of water an hour.

If access to a hose isn’t possible, a slightly larger version, the Milo 18″ Misting Fan ($399), should do the trick. It includes an on-board 2.7 gallon reservoir that will allow you and your guests to enjoy a gentle refreshing mist for over 5 hours per fill.

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