This Combination Of A Desk And A Bed Is Perfect For Workaholics

With the advent of open plans and new office spaces, we are seeing the way and the environment in which we work change markedly. Tapping into the modern trend with their own innovation is Studio NL from Greece. Accomplished architects, they also have some serious chops when it comes to design. With an increasingly connected world and the often need to work across multiple timezones, traditional office spaces simply aren’t cutting it anymore.
Businesses can stand to benefit from the ability to offer their employees a chance to work at their desk as per usual, but also give them a space to rest when a deadline or project may drag on. Just like the stand up desk, this chance to offer folks a new way in which to use their office space is always a welcome idea (even if it does indeed remind many of a certain New Yorker named George Costanza).

via Studio NL