Charles Eames RAR Rocking Chair

Furniture designers don’t come much more iconic or revolutionary than that of Charles Eames and, whilst he was responsible for many pieces of exceptional and innovative furniture, it was the Eames RAR Rocking Chair that was amongst his most playful and striking.

Despite the contemporary feel of this bold, yet simplistic, piece of designer furniture, it was actually originally designed and released over half a century ago in 1948 – something which is testament to the fact that Eames was a designer who was considerably ahead of his time and responsible for some truly seminal pieces of designer furniture.

For those who love a good ruminate, there are few better instruments for the ponderous than that of a rocking chair but if you don’t want to jeopardise the aesthetic appeal of your Fortress of Solitude, you need one that exudes style and luxury. Put simply, you need a Charles Eames RAR Rocking Chair.

Charles Eames was pivotal in the modernist movement of furniture design and it was pieces like this immensely eye-catching and devilishly comfortable RAR Rocking Chair that were the catalyst for the sort of modern, contemporary furniture that we witness today.

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