blink(1): A USB Light To Notify You Of Anything That Could Happen On Your Computer

Now you can be sitting watching TV, or busy cooking dinner and still get notified of an incoming Tweet, Facebook update, new email, phone call, or really anything you choose — without having to keep facing the monitor. blink(1) is a tiny USB LED that will blink in whatever color you pick for whatever reason you decide. It can also notify you for multiple events at the same time. So, say you set a blinking blue notification for Twitter updates and a blinking red for email updates and both happen, you’ll see both color blinking alternatively.

blink(1) is open source and highly hackable. Hook it up to just about anything with a USB jack and make it do whatever you want. It packs 3 dimensions of information (full-color RGB, brightness and pattern) which gives you endless possibilities and control. And you don’t have to be a tech guru to make it work.

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