A Picture Frame That Easily Turns Into A Table

If you live in an apartment with limited space, this is the table for you. The Picture Table is a regular looking picture frame, until you take it out of the wall.
The side of the frame unfold into legs, then you flip down the top and you have a kitchen table right out of the wall.

You can either leave the table attached to the wall as an anchor, or completely detach it and move the table around wherever you want to put it.


It’s perfect for homes, condos or apartments where you have limited space or would rather use the space for something else when you’re not eating.


Once you’re done using it, just fold the legs back up and clip it back into place on the wall.

The frame is made from real wood and can attach to any typical wall. The frame holds photos that are 49 inches by 24 inches. The table itself is made to feed 6 people.


Ivy Design is currently selling the table for about $3300 USD. You can order them from their website here.


Watch how it unfolds in this video.

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