Turn Any TV Into A Smart TV With Equiso

Equiso is an Android mini computer (the size of a USB flash drive) that connects to any HDMI capable TV, making it instantly a lot smarter. It features a wireless N card for web surfing and live video and music streaming at very high speeds.

But the Equiso can do a lot more. It is powered by a 1Ghz Arm Cortex A5 processor and packs 512MB of memory and a Mali 400 3D graphics processor, for a device powerful enough to let you watch stunning 1080p HD content (3D supported), play games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja and do all those things you would usually do on your phone or tablet. It also features an internal memory of 8GB to locally store your music, games, movies and other media.

The Equiso comes with an advanced remote, equipped with accelerometers and gyros for life like interaction and a full keyboard for a quicker, easier and more seamless typing experience. And if you rather have a full-size computer keyboard or a mouse, a USB port is available on the back of the Equiso for anything you want to plug in.

And all that for $69!

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