This Tool Helps You Measure and Cleans Up After You!

DIY projects can be a pain in the butt, especially if they involve power tools. There’s a lot to think about—is this level? How do I measure this by myself? Will I ever be able to clean up the mess?
The AdirPro Drill Buddy is designed to be your all-in-one assistant—all you have to worry about is finishing your project.
Never worry about your holes not being straight ever again—the Drill Buddy has a level and laser built into it so you can make pencil marks on a perfect, straight line.

You don’t even have to hold it in place: set the Drill Buddy at your desired height, and press the vacuum button. It instantly seals until you disengage it!


Clean up is basically nonexistent with this little tool—as you drill, the dust chamber collects any mess you make.


With its lightweight construction and durable material, the Drill Buddy is perfect for any job!

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AdirPro Drill Buddy