The Electric Amphibious Vehicle Will Deliver Your Drinks Safely

Hey remember that robot vacuum Roomba you got for your sister as a wedding gift? Well meet Sanchez, Roomba’s younger, cooler, more handsome cousin.

Actually his name is “Electric Amphibious Vehicle”, not Sanchez. But he’s still the life of the party.

This remote control car not only has four convenient cup holders you can use to deliver beer to your friends, it can also transform into a boat, float around, and squirt water at your girlfriend. What more could a man want?

Comes with a remote control and is operable with a 9 volt battery. Notable features are blinking LED navigation lights, independent left and right wheel controls for fancy 360 spins (Sanchez loves dancing), an on board water cannon, and did we mention it transforms into a boat? Yeah, you need this.

Oh, and you can still call him Sanchez if you want. We won’t tell anyone.

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