The Brick by GrayHaus – Analog Joystick For Smartphone & Tablet Gaming

While becoming popular platforms for gaming, we all know that smartphones and tablets still don’t offer the ideal experience. One main reason is the lack of physical inputs, leaving the user without the true feel of a physical joystick and buttons, and with distracting fingerprints. But the Brick (Stick Type) joystick is about to change that. It is an analog joystick that sticks to the screen with a simple stick-on suction plate. Simply place it over the on-screen joystick and there you have your up, down, left and right physical controls.

The package also includes a Brick (Bend Type) joystick for games requiring free adjustment of direction, rather than the basic up, down, left and right controls. The Bend Type holds onto the screen thanks to a band wrapped around the device, instead of a suction plate.

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