Smart Baker Creates Oven-Fresh Cookies in Under 10 Minutes

If I told you to imagine freshly baked cookies, guaranteed your mouth will water. We can all recall, without any prompting, the smell of that doughy goodness. What if I told you they’d be ready in 10 minutes?
Welcome to the new world of cookies, thanks to CHiP.
Without preparing the dough, preheating the oven or cleaning up, CHiP will bake you cookies in 10 minutes or less.


CHiP uses a subscription to a dough service, so you just pick your flavours and throw them into the oven. You can also use your own recipes if you just can’t live without grandma’s cookies.



CHiP is so advanced, you can tell it what texture or consistency you want your cookie at. Choose between crispy or gooey, CHiP has you covered.


CHiP works in connection with your phone to set the baking time, flavour, consistency and more. It’s a convection oven that blows hot air through specially designed channels. It boasts even cooking, so you won’t have weird uncooked patches next to burnt ones. Plus, it preheats instantly.


CHiP is only a foot long and six inches tall, 70 per cent smaller than the smallest countertop oven.


Take advantage of this sweet offer on their Kickstarter page.

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