Protect Your iPhone 5 With A Second Screen – The popSLATE

The popSLATE case is one of the coolest iPhone 5 accessory on the market right now. Instead of a dummy case protecting your iPhone, why not have a second screen doing it?! The popSLATE is a nearly indestructible 4″ e-ink screen that will protect your phone while displaying images, messages from your friends, notifications, notes and more – without ever turning off! The popSLATE screen is ultra-low-power and barely sips off the iPhone’s battery. So whenever you need notes to stay open, just Pop them to the back of your phone – you’ll save yourself the hassle of always tapping the prevent the screen from shutting, and some battery juice!

Just like all the popular e-ink screens, the popSLATE is also readable in direct sunlight. It could be used as an e-Reader with navigation made possible via a tactile interface based upon the phone’s accelerometer.

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