Nikon COOLPIX S800c – An Android-Powered 16MP Digital Camera

Taking pictures with smartphones is surely easy. Instantly, you snap a photo and share it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. But it’s obviously not the best way as we all have that anger when it comes to pictures taken with a smartphone: the quality. No matter the smartphone, pictures will never look as good as what you get from an actual digital camera.

But what if your camera could be a little smarter? Imagine connecting it to WiFi and uploading pictures directly to social networks, like you would do on a smartphone. Well Nikon thought about that and came up with the COOLPIX S800c, a 16-megapixel digital camera with 10x optical zoom running on Android. Not only your pictures will look amazing and sharing will be made easy, but you’ll also get to play Angry Birds on that Android-powered camera!