Motive Stylus – Your iPad Smart Cover’s New BFF

Many people love using a stylus with their iPad but every time they go out with their iPad, they need to carry their stylus separately — it’s never attached to the tablet which often leads into forgetting it or not bothering bringing it.

You’ve see numerous styles of stylus for the iPad but nothing as ‘transformerish’ as the Motive Stylus. Not only it looks and feels awesome, but this stylus will attach to your iPad’s Smart Cover in a subtle way. It sticks securely to the Smart Cover’s magnets and just like a bamboo mat, it unrolls and lays flat — never getting in your way!

The Motive Stylus feels great in the hand. It has 6 sides just like a pencil and is made of premium anodized aluminum. Every stylus comes with 2 tips — one is soft and provides some feedback while the other is hard giving you a firmer feel. Both are 6mm in diameter and easily swappable.

But this Kickstarter project still needs your support! Pre-order your Motive Stylus today by pledging $30 or more. Choose between black, silver, red or blue.

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