Memoto – The Automatic Lifelogging Camera

We all take pictures to save good memories. At a party or on vacation, we all stop and snap those moments, but the craziest things in life randomly happen – between those photos – and aren’t captured… until now.

Memoto is a tiny 5-megapixel camera that automatically captures these moments for you. Simply clip it to your shirt, and it will take care of the rest. Its unobtrusive form will make you forget about it, and as long as you have it on, it will snap a photo every 30 seconds. Take it off, and it will stop. No matter how you wear it and how you move around, your photos will always be taken upright thanks to a built-in accelerometer.

The Memoto app will make it easy to go back in time, revive specific moments and share them with friends and family. As you’ll be taking excessive amounts of photos, the app will smartly organize them for you using many parameters including GPS location.

When connected to a computer, all photos are uploaded to Memoto’s servers, where they are securely stored and organized. You can then download them in bulk or just leave them on Memoto’s servers as storage is unlimited. Note that a flat monthly fee will apply for this service (first year of storage is included for Kickstarter backers), and that it will not be possible to use the camera without it.

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