LiGo BlueWave Mobile Hub – Turn Your Smartphone Into A Home Phone

The whole remit of technology is to make our lives easier and more straightforward. It goes without saying that many pieces of gadgetry fail at this endeavour by, in fact, making things more complicated. This isn’t a criticism that can be levelled at the awesome LiGo BlueWave Mobile Hub, however, as it has taken a common problem – a lack of mobile phone signal causing dropped phone calls – and come up with a simple solution to the issue.

Said solution entails allowing a homeowner who lives in an area which has terrible mobile phone reception (or, indeed, no, mobile phone signal) to make and receive mobile phone calls using their home phone by connecting their mobile to the mobile hub via Bluetooth connectivity. So, you won’t be forced to tear your hair out any longer from a lack of mobile phone signal in the home because if someone phones you on your mobile, the phone will come through on your house phone and you will no longer be subjected to the trauma of a mobile phone call dropping off just when you’re about to give your card details or order your pizza! As with most things, a picture paints a thousand words, so take a look at how the LiGo BlueWave Mobile Hub works below:

Whilst a lack of mobile phone signal may not seem like the end of the world, it is not until you have experienced the problem of dropped calls on a daily basis that you realise just how infuriating it can be and when a solution comes along that can put an end to the issue, it is a great day indeed!

The LiGo BlueWave Mobile Hub is a simple piece of kit that will make a big difference to quite a few angry homeowners who cannot tolerate dropped phone calls any longer. They say that the best pieces of technology are invariably the simplest and the BlueWave doesn’t boast all sorts of bells and whistles, it just quietly goes about its job of solving the problem of lack of mobile phone signal without making a big deal about it.

Find out more about the BlueWave at LiGo Cordless Phones.

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