Lightpack Protects Your Eyes While Bringing Your Gaming or Movie Experience to the Next Level

If you knew that there was an easy way to enhance your gaming and television viewing, you would want it. So here it is. After being successfully funded with Kickstarter, the Lightpack is now available to the public. Not only will this little device take your game and movie experience to the next level, but it will do it while protecting your eyes.

Remember being told as a kid to move back from the screen as you were “ruining” your eyes? There was a reason for it. When watching a movie or playing a game, the muscles in our eyes have to react to fast movement between dark and bright scenes. That causes tension in the eye muscle. The technology behind this ingenious device takes the pressure off our pupils.

The Lightpack, when attached to your TV or computer monitor, analyses what you are watching and lightens the surface behind the screen with the same colors that are currently being displayed on your screen. This creates the impression of deeper immersion in the scene, visually enlarging your TV display and significantly decreasing the negative effects that film viewing or prolong focus work in a dark room may have on your eyes. Turns out mom does know best!

See the Lightpack in action!

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