gTar: The First Guitar That Anybody Can Play

If you ever dreamed of playing guitar like a pro… now’s your chance. Incident changed the way of learning guitar with gTar, a fully digital guitar that seems to work just like a normal guitar on the front end but that actually does a lot more. Start by docking your iPhone in the body, load the app and pick a song. As the song is playing, interactive LEDs will light up along the fretboard showing you what to play. Now that might seem insane but the actual sound is not produced by the guitar but by the iPhone’s speakers — remember it’s a fully ‘digital’ guitar! Sensors detect what you play and the iPhone reproduces it which creates endless possibilities of learning experiences.

For instance, in the easy mode, you only need to play the open strings. Medium is when you start playing the frets and the strings at the same time. In these 2 modes, a feature called ‘SmartPlay’ is in effect which mutes incorrect notes that you might have played. The hard mode is just like medium with SmartPlay off! These modes will let you skip the learning process and play your favorite songs right away! If you just want to play around, the Free Play mode will let you free your creativity! Not only you’ll be able to compose the music you want but you’ll also get to choose from a selection of guitar models, keyboards, synths or drums and even add special sound effects.

This Kickstarter project is fully funded! Pre-order yours today by pledging $399 (early birds) or more. The estimated delivery date is this upcoming September 2012.

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