Doxie Go: The Amazing Mobile Document Scanner

Meet Doxie Go, the so-easy-to-use and highly portable scanner. Recharge it and scan anywhere — no computer required! Everything is saved to its internal memory — which holds up to 600 pages or 2400 photos — or directly to a USB flash drive or SD card. Then, just like you would do with a digital camera, sync to your computer via USB, or go wireless for an extra $50 with Doxie Go + Wi-Fi! Going wireless means syncing directly to the cloud, to your iPad or to your iPhone without having to go through your computer first.

Doxie Go is tiny, so it won’t take much space on your desk + it can easily be transported. It is also a fast scanner — it scans a full color page in just 8 seconds — and offers crisp results at up to 600 dpi.

Amazing scanners deserve amazing software, so included with Doxie Go is the smart software to let you organize your documents and photos.
Scanning has never been that user-friendly!

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