Day Maker – The Toaster-Style iPhone Alarm Clock

Wake up to your iPhone as it pops out of its tray with Day Maker. This toaster-style alarm hub and iPhone charger will pop your phone when it’s time to rise and if you’re not quite ready, snooze by pushing it back in its tray. A very unique and pleasant concept by Habitco that should put a little smile in your day.

Help make it happen by funding this project. For $100, early birds will get a Day Maker in their choice of White, Black, Red, or Gray. (It will retail around $180.)

The current model can hold up to 2 devices (iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch 3rd/4th) but a single-iDevice version of Day Maker will be made if their Kickstarter project’s funding reaches $385,000.

Where to buy