The Auxx-Lift Keeps Your Stuff in Your Garage, but Out of Sight

Storage is that one thing we always need, but never seem to have enough of. Depending on how your space is laid out, you’ll have to get pretty creative with your storage systems.
Enter the Auxx-Lift. It’s a remote-controlled storage system designed to keep your unneeded items out of sight and out of mind.


By utilizing the upper portion of the garage, it increases your storage space and moves your clutter out of the way!

The 8×4 ft. lift system can hold up to 400 lbs of weight—perfect for mementos and out-of-season sporting gear.

Thanks to its wireless remote and keychain remote, you can lower the Auxx-Lift easily and safely—no need for dangerous, unstable ladders!

To get your own storage system, check out the brand’s website.

Watch the Auxx-Lift in action in the video down below!

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Auxx-Lift Garage Storage System