16 Water Toys To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer. #9 Is To Drool For!

With summer approaching, we thought we’d share a refreshing list of water games to keep you and your family outside longer. From inflatables to water blasters, here’s a list of well reviewed products for your pool, cottage or backyard.

1. Turtle Jump 15-Foot Water Trampoline

Purchase link: $2399
2. Rope Swing Water Attachment

Purchase link: $1772
3. Walk On Water Ball
more info here
4. Inflatable Water Rocker

Purchase link: $2299
5. Jetovator: The Flying Water-Propelled Bike
Details here
6. Russian Roulette Water Balloon
Purchase link: $12.45
7. Water Bomb Factory
Details here
8. Remote Control Water Shooting Helicopter
Details here
9. Enormous Floating Obstacle Course
Details here
10. A Huge Inflatable 8-Person Island
Details here
11. Gigantic Inflatable Iceberg Climbing Wall
Details here
12. The Body Launching Inflatable
Details here
13. Bean Bag Pool Float
Purchase link: $206
14. Floating Beverage Caddy
Purchase link: $49.78
15. Inflatable Portable Hot Tub
Purchase link: $499
16. The Hot Tub Boat
Details here